The material-optimized, flexible
design made of alumium and
galvanized steel allows for low
ballast, if any. Avoid roof
reinforcements on your
next project.

Flat Roof Mounting Solution

TGR was created with all stakeholders in mind. Any tilt angle and any inter-row spacing –you decide! It was designed to accommodate square arrays with installation efficiencies and cost reductions but flexible enough to meet the most challenging flat roof projects. Whether you are ballasting the system or mechanically fastening it to the roof; TGR is the best solution for you. Safe, economic, lightweight, flexible, and easy to install are just of few of the benefits that you will realize.

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System Features & Benefits

Design Flexibility - Icon

Design Flexibility

  • Any tilt angle, any inter-row spacing.
  • Customizable load transfer points.
  • Ballasted or mechanically attached.

Low Global Loading

  • Reduce up to 50% to total ballast.
  • Avoid building structural reinforcements.
  • Creative installation efficiencies.

Rail Based System

  • Maintain module warranties.
  • Reduce point loading on your roof by transferring load through continuous rails.
  • Pre-determined row spacing and tilt angle.

Enhanced Engineering Drawings

  • Detailed structural and construction packages create on-site efficiencies, saving you time and money.

Uplift Resistance Options


Mechanical Attachment


Technical Brief

Global Load:
Panel Orientation:
Row Spacing:
Roof Type:

2.3-4 psf
Portrait or landscape
Aluminium and galvanized steel
All types of flat roof

Roof Pitch:
Grounding Method:
Building Height:
Wind Speed:
Wind Tunnel Testing:

< 5 Degrees
2 Points per Array
RWDI Certified

Technical Brief

Inclinations: Customizable
Global Load: 2.3-4 psf
Panel Orientation: Portrait or landscape
Material: Aluminium and galvanized steel
Row Spacing: Customizable
Roof Type: All types of flat roof

Roof Pitch: < 5 Degrees
Grounding Method: 2 Points per Array
Building Height: ANY
Wind Speed: ANY
Wind Tunnel Testing: RWDI Certified

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