TerraGen Solar Racking

TerraGen Solar is a North American based manufacturer that offers a wide range of racking solutions for all roof types. Our products ship as a complete packaged solution including engineering and structural layout designs tailored to match roof structures and considering geographical climatic scenarios.

our history
  • In 2009 an idea was born to build a company devoted to improving the environment through renewable energy. TerraGen Environmental Group Inc was incorporated by Founder Doug Jones, P. Eng. to build solar renewable energy projects.
  • TerraGen reached the milestone of 10MW of commercial solar rooftop PV systems installed using our in-house engineering and construction teams. Through our experience, we recognized some common racking inefficiencies within the commercial solar market.
  • To address these common inefficiencies, we began the process of designing an innovative new flat roof racking system. This new system would allow low global loading, easy wire management, and a faster installation with no wind screen required.
  • 2017 saw a shift in demand. With increasing racking demand and decreasing EPC demand, TerraGen made the decision to rebrand as a commercial solar mounting system manufacturer. TerraGen’s background and experience in EPC was the foundation for our mounting solution designs.
  • TerraGen relocated to Alliston, Ontario in 2019. The facility offered 4000 sq ft of office space and 16000 sq ft of production and warehousing space, giving ample space to accommodate increasing demand
  • In early 2020, TerraGen continued to develop our competencies and capabilities for inhouse design and manufacturing. We implemented an automated production line to produce tilt assemblies, increasing our daily capacity from roughly 200 kW to 1.5 MW, with greater quality control and fewer production steps. Then Covid 19 struck.
  • TerraGen’s supply chain strategy that had been developed over the past six years was being challenged by unprecedented cost increases and increasing lead times. TerraGen had to evolve and adapt on the fly as demand for our TGR, TGT and TGP racking systems continued to grow. To date, we have been successful in executing our obligations despite the increased market difficulties

In 2024, TerraGen is proud to be listed to UL 3741. With a strong emphasis on innovation, we have launched multiple flexible solutions that cater to diverse project needs. Our commitment to continuous process improvement and product development ensures we deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions, helping our clients achieve lower total project costs.

our values

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture high-quality customizable PV mounting systems that give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Vision

We will continuously evolve and innovate to offer value that will increase the adoption of renewable energy technologies, thereby contributing to global reduction of GHG emissions.