Tell us your desired PV system design and we will manufacture an economic racking solution
for your specific design.
Material-optimized, flexible design, easy to install system allows for low ballast. FLAT ROOF
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TGT System allows you to tilt modules on top of a pitched roof. TILTED PITCHED ROOF RACKING Learn More No matter what your roof type, we have the appropriate flush mount solution for
your next project.
Do you have a challenging project that needs a unique design?
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custom solutions.
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TerraGen offers a wide range of racking solutions for all roof types

We ship to projects throughout North America and the Caribbean. Our products ship as a complete packaged solution including engineering and structural layout designs tailored to match roof structures and considering geographical climatic scenarios.

Flat Roof Solutions

We can optimize racking configurations to best suit the site and project needs. From projects in the Caribbean requiring an all-aluminum design, to northern states with high snow load provisions, we’ll ensure the racking solution is best suited to you.

Pitched Roof Solutions

Leverage our experience for your next pitched roof project. Optimizing attachment configuration, identifying the appropriate attachments, ensuring installation efficiencies, and maintaining module warranties is value we offer.

Custom Roof Solutions

If a custom design is required, TerraGen seeks to solve any site-specific challenges. Our skilled engineers and project managers have experience designing and providing innovative solutions to see your project through to completion.

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Innovative Solutions

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Get in touch with us today.
Let us help you!

Project Experience

TerraGen’s TGR racking system was able to revive nearly 2 MW of structurally challenged projects for us. TerraGen’s service was impressive and system costs were competitive.

Solar Flow Through Funds
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TerraGen Solar Delivers Innovative Solar Racking Systems

Our goal is to reduce installation costs for commercial solar energy systems while increasing project ROI.

TerraGen Solar Offers Flat Roof Solar Racking Solutions
TerraGen Solar Offers Flat Roof Solar Racking Solutions

Our TGR mounting products are a safe, lightweight, and cost-effective racking system for commercial solar projects on flat roofs.

TerraGen Solar Supplies Pitched Roof Solar Mounting Solutions

Regardless of the roof type, TerraGen has a solution for pitched roofs. Our PV mounting systems work with numerous roofs.