No matter what your roof
type,we have the appropriate
flushmount solution for
your next project.

Pitched Roof Mounting Solution

Flush mount made easy. Regardless of the building support structure and spacing, the roof type, your geography; we have a flush mount solution for your next project. TerraGen can be flexible and send to site pre-cut rails with identification tags matching a rail plan, or, send standard rail lengths to site and let the installers cut on site.

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System Features & Benefits


On-Site Adapability

  • Height adjustments to accommodate roof undulations.
  • Telescopic bonding splices to maximize use of rail.

Creative Roof Attachments

  • Solutions for every type of roof through angle bracket.
  • Penetrate through the high rib of your metal profile.

Enhanced Engineer Drawings

  • Detailed structural and construction packages create on-site efficiencies, saving you time and money.

Attachment Options

Standing Seam

Shingle Roof

Trapezoidal Roof

Technical Brief

Global Load:
Panel Orientation:
Row Spacing:
Roof Type:

2.6-3 psf
Portrait or landscape
Aluminium and galvanized steel
All types of flat roof

Roof Pitch:
Grounding Method:
Building Height:
Wind Speed:
Wind Tunnel Testing:

< 5 Degrees
2 Points per Array
RWDI Certified

Technical Brief

Inclinations: Customizable
Global Load: 2.3-4 psf
Panel Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Material: Aluminium and galvanized steel
Row Spacing: Customizable
Roof Type: All types of Flat Roof

Roof Pitch: < 5 Degrees
Grounding Method: 2 Points per Array
Building Height: ANY
Wind Speed: ANY
Wind Tunnel Testing: RWDI Certified

Project Experience

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