Any tilt angle, array size and row spacing. Customize your commercial solar project with our rail based system. FLAT ROOF

Flat Roof Mounting Solution

TGR was created with all stakeholders in mind. Any tilt angle and any inter-row spacing –you decide! It was designed to accommodate square arrays with installation efficiencies and cost reductions but flexible enough to meet the most challenging flat roof projects. Whether you are ballasting the system or mechanically fastening it to the roof; TGR is the best solution for you. Safe, economic, lightweight, flexible, and easy to install are just of few of the benefits that you will realize.

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System Features & Benefits

Rail Based

  • Low ballast requirements, as low as 2.3psf
  • Clean and accessible wire management
  • Doesn’t rely on the module for load sharing increasing microcracks

Green Clamping Zones

  • Maintain module warranty
  • Allows for highest load rating for snow load or high wind regions

Flexible Design

  • Any tilt angle or row spacing to the customer’s specifications to maximize power generation.
  • Higher tilt options unique to the market
  • Any row spacing to maximize panel density

No Wind Screen Required

  • Installation efficiencies
  • Cooling effects on modules lead to increased performance
  • Reduce snow build up

Uplift Resistance Options


Mechanical Attachment


Technical Brief

Tilt Angle:
Panel Orientation:
Row Spacing:
Roof Type:

Portrait or landscape
All flat roofs with <6°
Aluminum, stainless steel & galvanized steel

Building Height:
Wind Speed:
Wind Tunnel Testing:

UL 2703, UL 3741
Standard 10 with 15-20 available upon request

Project Experience