Bring solar to your commercial pitched roof with the added benefit of tilting the modules 0 - 35°. TILTED PITCHED ROOF

Tilted Pitched Roof Mounting

Don’t get stuck putting more penetrations and tilt legs on your roof than you need to. TGT enables maximum spacing of roof connection points for ease of installation and an effective use of materials. This solution is to address cases where you have a sloped roof that you would like to add tilt the modules to maximize the generation from the modules on your roof. No matter which way you want to tilt the modules or what your roofing material is; our TGT system has the flexibility to accommodate it.

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System Features & Benefits

Applicable on any roof type

  • Avoid structural reinforcement by flexibility with number of attachments and bottom rail alignment.
  • Creative fastening solutions.
  • Lower mechanical/electrical installation time and cost.

Pre-assembled Components

  • Reduce installation time and cost.
  • Eliminate on-site inter-row and tilt angle measurement errors.
  • Universal module mid and end clamps can accommodate 30-50mm frames.

Enhanced Engineering Drawings

  • Detailed structural and construction packages create on-site efficiencies, saving you time and money.

Attachment Options

Standing Seam

Shingle Roof

Trapezoidal Roof

Technical Brief

Global Load:
Panel Orientation:
Row Spacing:
Roof Type:

2.3-4 psf
Portrait or landscape
Aluminum and galvanized steel
All types of flat roof

Roof Pitch:
Grounding Method:
Building Height:
Wind Speed:
Wind Tunnel Testing:

< 5 Degrees
2 Points per Array
RWDI Certified

Technical Brief

Inclinations: Customizable
Global Load: 2.3-4 psf
Panel Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Material: Aluminium and galvanized steel
Row Spacing: Customizable
Roof Type: All types of Flat Roof

Roof Pitch: < 5 Degrees
Grounding Method: 2 Points per Array
Building Height: ANY
Wind Speed: ANY
Wind Tunnel Testing: RWDI Certified

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