Praise that you give yourself, isn’t worth a thing. That’s why we’re incredibly proud of the outstanding feedback our clients have given us.

Brant Renewable Energy - Testimonial

“Brant Renewable Energy has worked with TerraGen Solar to supply several MW worth of racking for our projects. Their complete product portfolio is industry-leading and they have always shown a commitment to customer service. Whether it is addressing onsite concerns, obtaining conformance letters from module manufacturers, or assisting in evaluating various mounting system options on any given project; they always find solutions that address all stakeholders’ concerns in our projects.”

- Brant Renewable Energy
Solvest - Testimonial

I personally was very impressed with the process/final product – specifically attention to detail. It was reassuring that we were sent a construction package that my installation lead could review with the team prior to construction. It was good to know that every nut and bolt was accounted for since our projects can be located in extremely remote locations. If something is missing it can cause major delays.

- Solvest
Hakai Energy Solutions - Testimonial

“We have used this product before, but each time we are further impressed with the ease and speed of installation. This comes as a result of the practical design and careful engineering by the manufacturer. Quality of the product Hakai delivers to its clients is of the utmost importance. The TGR system is robust, clean, and is easily provisioned for buildings with various risk categories. It has become our preferred flat roof product for large systems and/or facilities with low ballast requirements.”

- Hakai Energy Solutions
Arch Solar - Testimonial

“TerraGen has been super responsive and easy to work with.  Especially when we need to change the design mid-project or after material has been delivered.  They always come to the table with solutions. We love using bi-facial panels with the TGR-South system and we’ve done the production studies to back it up. It’s a partnership that will last for many years to come.”

- Arch Solar
VCT Group - Testimonial

“The team at TerraGen is always a pleasure to work with. Recent projects have had unique constraints, including building a raised system on steel joists, and adapting the TerraGen system to a pitched steel roof. In each case, TerraGen has risen to the occasion, helping us overcome these site-specific challenges and deliver quality, cost-effective systems.”

- VCT Group
Solar Energy Services - Testimonial

“TerraGen is more than a racking engineering firm and manufacturer, they are a solution to everyday problems we face in the solar industry. As a user of both TGR and TGP systems, I find TerraGen easier to build the widest variety of systems with. What makes TerraGen products stand out the most is the people who stand behind them. Their current workforce spends every conversation, every email, and every phone call trying to satisfy their customer’s needs. In working with TerraGen my company has been able to: streamline engineering /permitting, reduce overall racking costs, and communicate more clearly to achieve in-depth customized systems. I would recommend TerraGen to any solar firm solely for the way their people will make every effort possible to achieve your goals. .”

- Solar Energy Services, Inc.