Flat roof solar racking system

TerraGen Solar Offers Flat Roof Solar Racking Solutions

Effective flat roof mounting strategies for solar are paramount to capturing a high ROI for commercial PV installations and overcoming design challenges.

High ballast and labor requirements for flat roof solar racking systems are keeping installation costs unnecessarily high. Some roofs are not good candidates for commercial solar PV without a customized racking system that overcomes design challenges.

TerraGen offers a flat roof racking system with reduced ballast and anchor requirements customized to overcome some of the most demanding design challenges. Our rail-based system for flat roofs creates structural support with customized mounting solutions.

TGR Solar Mounting Products for Flat Roofs

Our TGR mounting products are a safe, lightweight, and cost-effective racking system for commercial solar projects on flat roofs.

The TGR solar panel racking systems offers ultimate design flexibility in module tilt angle and row spacing, adding greater design freedom to the solar engineering process. This rail-based system reduces ballast and labor requirements while featuring a highly flexible design.

We provide pre-assembled mounting system components that streamline the installation process. Our TGR mounting system utilizes aluminum and galvanized steel construction and is manufactured exclusively in the United States and Canada.

Overcoming Load-Bearing Capacity Limitations

Some flat roofs do not have the load-bearing capacity for racking systems with high ballast requirements. Our strong racking systems evenly distribute the weight of the array and overcomes roof load limits or wind load challenges.

By maintaining global loading as low as 2.5 lb./ft², the systems help eliminate the need for roof reinforcements when installing solar PV systems. TerraGen solar racking systems prevent point-based loading by transferring the load through continuous base rails. This approach helps overcome challenges related to the load-bearing capacity of the roof.

Meeting Wind Load Challenges

High wind loads also create design challenges for solar design and engineering. Some rooftop PV installations in Florida or the Caribbean need to satisfy hurricane wind code requirements to meet code or safety requirements.

Our TGR solar mounting system meets rigorous wind load requirements and does not require wind deflectors.

Solar Panel Tilt Angle Flexibility

Some projects, especially in higher latitudes, would greatly benefit from higher tilt angles to maximize annual energy production.

Unfortunately, most flat roof racking systems do not allow for more than a 10-degree tilt angle. This limits solar energy production in northern states, including Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Jersey. When there is sufficient roof space to allow for increased interrow spacing, TerraGen’s TGR mounting systems allow for high tilt angles for increased annualized energy production.

Our team can solve a variety of solar engineering challenges related to specific sites.

To learn more about our customized flat roof solar racking systems, contact TerraGen today!