TerraGen Solar Delivers Innovative Solar Racking Systems

TerraGen is a commercial solar racking manufacturer that brings solar EPC project management knowledge to solar mounting.

Our experience in solar construction from 2009-2016 in North America allowed us to evaluate different mounting systems. We discovered the need for PV mounting solutions that reduce ballast and anchor costs and streamline the installation process, lowering total installation costs.

Identifying PV Mounting Challenges

Although the cost of solar modules has plummeted in recent years, installation costs have not followed in lockstep.

High ballast requirements combined with mounting solutions that are laborious for solar racking keep installation costs high, thus unnecessarily boosting total system costs. Identifying this need to reduce ballast and anchor requirements inspired the development of our solar PV racking solutions.

Our goal is to reduce installation costs for commercial solar energy systems while increasing project ROI, benefitting all stakeholders.

TerraGen entered the solar manufacturing market because we saw an unfulfilled need for cost-effective solar racking solutions.

Guided by our commercial solar construction experience, our founders saw an opportunity to lower total solar installation costs on flat and pitched roofs with customizable rail-based solar racking systems. This insight led to the development of three innovative solar mounting systems.

Often, TerraGen is able to solve site-specific challenges that others cannot overcome.

Innovative Solar Racking Systems

TerraGen’s rail-based racking systems eliminate point-based loading and transfer the load through continuous base rails. By maintaining global loading as low as 2.5 lb./ft², the systems help eliminate the need for roof reinforcements.

The module mounting system cuts installation costs by reducing labor hours and using pre-assembled mounting system components that don’t require windscreens. Also, the mounting system utilizes portrait orientation, which allows installers to clamps panels within the module manufacturer’s specified clamp zone, keeping solar panel warranties intact.

Three Solar Mounting Solutions for Flat and Pitched Roofs

All TerraGen racking products are manufactured in the U.S. and Canada and feature aluminum and galvanized steel construction. Our solar panel racking products are available in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean and are suitable for industrial and commercial rooftop solar energy systems.

TerraGen offers three innovative solar panel mounting systems:

  • TGR for flat roof projects
  • TGP for flush mount PV systems on pitched roofs
  • TGT for tilted arrays on pitched roofs for maximum power generation

To date, TerraGen has supplied over 130 MW of solar mounting solutions for roof-mounted solar projects.

Our solar racking systems are gaining popularity in various markets, including the Northeast, Midwest, and Caribbean, where snow load, northern latitudes, and intense winds create complex design challenges.

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