TerraGen Solar Supplies Pitched Roof Solar Mounting Solutions

Solar developers, contractors, and engineers are often presented with various challenges when installing commercial solar PV systems on a pitched roof.

Some projects may need roof enforcements, thus boosting the total project cost. Other rooftops may not have the optimum pitch for energy production, which decreases the ROI. Some mounting systems are cumbersome, increasing labor costs. We designed TerraGen solar mounting systems for pitched roofs to overcome numerous solar design challenges.

Providing Two PV Racking Options for Sloped Roofs 

Regardless of the roof type, TerraGen has a solution for pitched roofs. Our PV mounting systems work with numerous roofs, including asphalt shingle, metal trapezoidal, standing seam, barn roof, and membrane.

TGP Flush Mount
Our TGP flush mount system is highly flexible and works with a variety of roofing materials. It is ideal for solar energy installations that do not require a tilt angle.

TGT For Tilting Modules
Unlike TGP, the TGT system adds solar module tilt to boost solar energy production and project ROI, especially at northern latitudes. Any tilt angle between 3° to 35° is possible, adding greater design freedom in the engineering process.

Overcoming Load-Bearing Capacity Limitations

Many warehouses, medical clinics, corporate campuses, government buildings, and retail centers have pitched roofs that are good candidates for a solar PV system, but the load-bearing capacity of the roof is limited. TerraGen’s TGP and TGT solar mounting systems offer flexible load transfer options through our continuous rails. Systems can be designed to transfer the PV loads to the building structure directly overtop of the purling or OWSJ. The roof attachment plan is flexible as well, we can optimize the quantity and locations of the attachments to help with cost reduction and installation efficiencies.

Boosting Solar Installation Efficiencies

Contractors like working with TerraGen solar mounting systems because they add ease to the installation process. We provide pre-assembled mounting system components that reduce labor hours. This solar panel mounting system allows maximum spacing of roof connection points to streamline the installation process. Our solar mounting system features universal 30-50mm click-on clamping, saving time. Also, TerraGen products are made in the U.S. and Canada, and our products are available for prompt shipment.

Long-term Solar Project Durability 

TerraGen solar TGT and TGP mounting systems are made of aluminum and are known for durability. Our components will outlast the solar system, and we even have extended warranties available. Unfortunately, many racking systems have issues with improperly clamping modules, creating microcracks, and panel degradation. Our racking systems clamp solar panels in the green zone, keeping solar panel manufacturer warranties intact.

At TerraGen, we believe in forming lasting relationships with our customers. Our goal is to truly understand the project needs to provide the best mounting solution.

Please contact us if you have a challenging project and want to learn how TerraGen racking projects can help.